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A big sassy thank you to all of my “Forever Friends ” who supported Sassafrass Jones and the Search for a Forever Home. Whether it was kind words or generosity of your time, we thank you for sharing Sassasfrass’ journey with students and children across the country.
Praise for Sassafrass Jones

“I loved the story of celebrating difference. Be a maverick, and always respect who you are.”

Kelly Killoren Bensimon
Model, Mother and Author

“Sassafrass Jones is a total original and its grandeur will last for years to come. Hooray for Cathleen… for her giving of her mind, her charity and her spirit… I only wish more people were like her.”

Robert Evans
Film Producer

“An enchanting tale, which pulls you into a magical world – Bresciani has created a new childhood classic.”

Patty Dickey
Senior Writer Modern Luxury Media

“The book is fabulous and brings back so many fond memories of Steiff toys I had growing up! It made me smile.”

Gillian Hearst-Shaw
Society Editor for Town & Country Magazine

“Lovingly detailed photo vignettes”

Publishers Weekly