Learn How to Pursue Your Passion with Sassafrass Jones

April 11, 2018 - Admin

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In our life, we go through several big and small events. Some are really encouraging, while others are simply depressing, which as a result, cast negative impact on our mental condition. Even as advanced as our world is, the word “Stereotype” still exists, which means anything that dates to be different than the “norm” will be criticized or bullied.  But this should never deter you from being who you really are. In the Steiff Limited Edition Sassafrass Jones Collection, you will be able to understand how being different is a blessing in disguise.

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If you are being bullied by people due to your looks or your body or simply your style, try not to be down and hide your uniqueness. You cannot stop the world from being mean, but you can help your soul to have no doubts about your existence. Do you know how to encourage yourself? Reading some motivational stories of Sassafrass Jones written in the form of tales can guide you and show you a wonderful world, where being different is the hero of the day.

Reading takes you into another world, but with real world problems, and solutions. Sassafrass Jones and the Search for a Forever Home has a lot of merits in our real lives.

  • Encourage Living: Reading a book that focuses on being different, but being you encourages living healthy and happy. Even though these are stories, they are taken from real life scenarios. You get motivated by the stories and learn the capability of what could be the cruel world.
  • Deal with Problems: Most of us tend to break when people make fun of us. If someone bullies you, you will probably avoid being around them from the very next day. Here is where books can be beneficial. Reading such stories gives the reader the strength to face them peacefully and lead your life just the way you want regardless of what people may be whispering about you.
  • Escape from the Real World: These stories are the path to enter a magical world. These days you will find the story books with pictures of different Steiff collectibles. Reading these stories will take you to a different land of talking animals, animals that befriend one another, and help the reader escape the real world. Taking you along their journey. Indeed, these can be great for your children, but when you read these books, especially of Sassafrass Jones, you will take a wonderful rollercoaster ride through your memories, bringing out the inner child in you.

Well, reading stories are a great habit. Even when you find books like Sassafrass Jones and the Search for a Forever Home featuring Official Steiff pets and stuffed animals amongst other toys, you can find how being different is a blessing, along with why you should never stop yourself from pursuing your dreams.

So if you want to read something different and something that can make you smile by taking a ride to the wonderful land of memories, buy the book of Sassafrass Jones and the Search for a Forever Home.


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